Friday, March 29, 2013

Savannah Ghost Tour Season has Started

Ghost Tour Season in Savannah Georgia

Every year, the temperatures start to rise, the leaves come back, the flowers bloom..and the tourists start to return to Savannah in droves. Of course this means that the popular ghost tour companies in Savannah are starting to book more and more tours, taking people to the most haunted locations in Savannah.

There are many options to choose from when you book your ghost tour in Savannah, however a few companies stand out. These trusted companies offer ghost tours which are popular and get good reviews on review websites. If you're planning on taking a ghost tour while in Savannah you should consider one of these companies.

Ghost City Tours

Ghost City Tours in Savannah offers more ghost tours and more starting times than any other ghost tour company in Savannah Georgia. Starting at 7pm, going all the way through 11pm, Ghost City Tours offers exciting and entertaining tours of Savannah's famous Historic District.

Ghost City Tours is perfect for families coming to Savannah. They have two early evening ghost tours, at 7pm and 9pm which are perfect for families with children of any age. There is no minimum age for those two ghost tours.

If an adult's only ghost tour is more you style, consider the Dead of Night Tour which starts at 11pm. This tour will take you to places in the city where taking children isn't appropriate. Maybe the stories associated with the location are of a mature subject matter. Or, it could be that the location is too haunted. Ghost City Tours does not take children to places where the ghosts tend to be agressive. That is reserved for the adult's only Dead of Night Tour.

The most popular tour that Ghost City Tours in Savannah offers is the Beyond Good and Evil Tour. This tour will take you on a journey through the southern end of Savannah's Historic District. Your guide for this tour, Nicodemus, will guide you through the spooky streets of Savannah in search of all things haunted and strange.

For more information about Ghost City Tours please visit their website or call them at 912-660-9539.

Haunted Savannah Tours

Haunted Savannah Tours is the ghost hunters tour in Savannah Georgia. The owner and head guide of Haunted Savannah Tours, Chris Allen, is an experienced paranormal investigator. His knowledge about ghost hunting and investigating is evident when you take his tour.

Haunted Savannah Tours offers two tours. Every night at 8pm you can take the Haunted Savannah Tour. They also a 10pm Midnight Voodoo Tour.

The ghost tours offered by Haunted Savannah Tours really carry the paranormal investigator theme. Chris uses his experienced hunting ghost in Georgia to help explain many of the hauntings that you come across in Savannah.

For more information about the Savannah Ghost Tours offered by Haunted Savannah Tours you can visit their website or call them at 912-349-4451.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Haunted Pub Crawl in Savannah

Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl

Ghost City Tours of Savannah is up to it again. This time we are putting out the Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl. If you want to experience the best of Savannah's brews and mixed drinks while looking for the ghost of Savannah, this haunted pub crawl is for you.

The Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl will take you and your guests to some of the most haunted bars and pubs in Savannah, if not the Country. Along they way you will be able to drink the finest beers and alcoholic drinks that Savannah has to offer. At many of the haunted pubs we stop you will have the opportunity to purchase special drinks at a discounted price. Many times this often pays for the ticket itself. And of course you never have to pay a cover charge at any of the pubs and bars we go to.

This Haunted Pub Crawl isn't just for people who want to learn more about the haunted bars and pubs in Savannah. And it isn't just for people who want to have a drink. The Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl is a great way to meet people just like yourself, who want to go out and have a good time in Savannah Georgia. If you're a group of single guys or girls looking for a fun way to meet people in an interesting setting, the Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl is a great way to do just that.

The Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl starts at The Crypt Pub (315 W. Broughton St) at 10pm nightly. Reservations are required. Of course you need to be 21 years of age or older to partake in this haunted drinking tour.

For more information on this Pub Crawl head over to the Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl page on Ghost City Tour's website. You can also call us to make reservations at 912-660-9539.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ghost Tours of Savannah Reviews

Ghost Tours of Savannah Reviews

There are many companies in Savannah Ga offering Ghost Tours. The best way to determine which tour is right for you. Here ate Ghost City Ghost Tours of Savannah we take great pride in the reviews we get from real customers. One of the websites we get a lot of review son is Trip Advisor. To view all of the reviews we get for our Savannah Ghost Tours you can check out our Trip Advisor Page. However, I wanted to share a few of the reviews on this page.

The Best Ghost Tour in Savannah

"In a town filled with storytellers, there are more than a handful of choices as far as tours go. When it comes to your ghost tour, however, there is no question about it. Ghost City Tours offers the absolute best when it comes to a haunted experience. You will be guided by one of Savannah's most informed and entertaining storytellers, who will not stoop to silliness to get their point across. You will love it."
--From Trip Advisor

Good Company and Good Stories

"I attended the Beyond the Good and Evil Ghost Tour provided by Ghost City Tours during my bachelorette party weekend in Savannah. I bought my tickets over the phone from the owner, Tim. I wasn't sure exactly how many tickets I would need and Tim was willing to refund me for the ones that I didn't end up needing if one of my girls wasn't able to make it. He was very easy going and great to deal with. Me and my girls come from all different walks of life so I wasn't sure that they would all enjoy a tour about Voodoo and ghosts but they were all down for it. Our tour guide Nicodemus was eccentric (in a good way. I admire anyone who beats to their own drummer!) and a great joy to be around. He was very knowledgeable about the area even though he's from Australia. His theater background added the needed theatrics to get some of the stories across. He was also patient with some of my very intoxicated friends who kept interrupting and even joined us afterwards at a local pub. In a nutshell, great company to do business with and great people to converse with."
--From Trip Advisor

Take a Savannah Ghost Tour

"A few nights back my girlfriend and I took a ghost tour in Savannah. It was a great time. The tour we took was the Dead of Night tour. It started at 11. Our guide, can't remember his name sorry, was a pretty cool guy. He said he lived in savannah for a number of years and thought Savannah was the most haunted place in the country." "If you're in savannah take a tour with these guys. Ask for Tim when you call he'll take good care of you. Thanks to him for helping us find the tour starting place when we got lost!"
--From Trip Advisor

 If you're interested in learning more about some of the best ghost tours in Savannah pelase visit our main website for our Savannah Ghost Tours. You can also call us at 912-660-9539. We would love to be able to talk Savannah ghosts with you, help you make a tour reservation...or anything else we can help you with.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All Weather Ghost Tours in Savannah

Ghost Tours in all Weather Savannah 

Georgia is a beautiful (and haunted) city that people cannot get but want to get out and take a stroll in. Maybe this is why our ghost tours are soo popular in Savannah. You get to strap on your walking shoes and explore the haunted streets of Savannah while taking in the beautiful architecture and more. There can be a downside to all of this great weather here in Savannah....rain.

Every once in awhile, while taking reservations for our ghost tours people will ask me if our tours leave if it rains. The short answer is 'Yes...usually'. Our ghost tours do go out whether it is rain or shine. Bring an umbrella if you think there is a chance of rain. While our guides do take efforts to keep you as dry as possible, sometimes it just isn't possible.

So, what do we do if it rains? Well, the first thing we will do is take you into more haunted locations in Savannah. If you're inside you are out of the elements. Therefore, let it rain. Another skill we have acquired over the years is doing our tours with our tour groups under awnings and any other protection from the rain we can find for them. Our ghost tour guides have been giving tours for many years. They know how to change the route of their tour to ensure the best possible experience for everyone who is taking one of our ghost tours.

Now, if the weather gets really bad here in Savannah we may have to cancel or postpone a ghost tour or two. If this happens you will be given two options. First, we give you the option to schedule your tour for another no charge. If the next night looks like it is going to be better for the tour, just ask us to move you to that day. If you absolutely cannot reschedule we will offer a refund in the case of us canceling a tour due to weather. We will not give you a refund simply because you do not want to take the ghost tour in the rain.

So, there you have it. Next time you are in Savannah looking to take a ghost tour you will know exactly what happens when we have bad weather.

For more information on our ghost tours in Savannah you can call us at 912-660-9539.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Graves Tales of Savannah Ghost Tour

The Graves Tales of Savannah ghost tour is one of Savannah Georgia's most popular night-time ghost tours. Starting at 9pm every night, the Grave Tales Ghost tour takes guests on a walking tour into some of the most haunted locations in all of Savannah Georgia.

This ghost tour starts every night at 9pm in Johnson Square. Johnson Square is the largest of the Squares in Savannah and can be found on Bull Street between Bryan Street and Congress Street.

The Graves Tales of Savannah Ghost Tour focuses on the north side of Savannah's historic district. You will hear ghost stories that date back to Savannah's founding in 1733. Some of the famous haunted places you will visit on this ghost tour include:

  • The Ol' Pink House Restaurant
  • The Pirate House
  • The Kehoe House
  • The Tunnel entrances on Factors' Walk
The tour guide for the Grave Tales of Savannah Ghost Tour is Brad Dilling. When asked why most people like the Grave Tales tour he said, "I think most people who enjoy the Grave Tales tour are the people who want to know the truth about the ghosts here in Savannah. Everything I talk about on this tour is factual and well researched." He continues, "I have had many people come up to me after the tour and tell me that they thought the tour was scarier because of the fact I use real events, real people and real ghost stories on the tour. I don't make up nonsense and my guests appreciate that."

Next time you are in Savannah Georgia and are looking for a ghost tour to take, consider the Grave Tales of Savannah Ghost Tour offered by Ghost City Tours.